Food Safety Resources

Processes to protect and preserve

Focus on strategies to eliminate pathogens or control their growth. Focus on traditional and novel processes and microbial resistance which affect the safety and quality of foods.

Dec 2014

Use of High Pressure Processing (HPP) with Antimicrobials in Food

This literature search, compiled by Wendy Bedale, Science Writer for the Food Research Institute, covers the use of HPP along with antimicrobials in food.

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Jun 2010

White Paper on Effectiveness of Existing Interventions on Virus Inactivation in Meat and Poultry Products

Human enteric viruses and animal viruses potentially present in foods; outbreaks and effective control methods

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Aug 2007

Destruction of H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus in Meat and Poultry Products

Effects of heat, irradiation, and high pressure on avian influenza viruses present in meat and eggs, sanitation methods for environmental decontamination.

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Jul 2007

Microbial Food Spoilage and Losses and Control Strategies

Bacteria, yeasts, and molds causing food spoilage, factors affecting shelf-life of meats, dairy products, fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and juices.

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Nov 2006

Natural and Organic Foods: Safety Considerations

Food safety issues related to organic and natural foods, additives and processes approved for these foods.

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Sep 2005

Food Antimicrobials, Cleaners, and Sanitizers

Cleaning compounds for food contact surfaces, fresh produce, animal carcasses; antimicrobials used in foods.

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Jul 2005

Safety of Processed Cheese

Bacteria of concern (C. botulinum, B. cereus, Listeria, Salmonella, S. aureus, E. coli O157:H7); Importance of salt, emulsifiers, fat, bacteriocins, pH, enzyme-modified cheese.

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Feb 2004

Saturated Fat and Beef Fat as Related to Human Health

Cardiovascular disease, cancer, different fatty acids.

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Mar 2002

Survival and Growth of Clostridium perfringens during the Cooling Step of Thermal Processing of Meat Products

Heat resistance in uncured and cured meats; Efficiency of different cooling processes; Growth inhibitors.

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Nov 1999

Various Techniques Used in Listeria Intervention

RTE products; organic acids, bacteriocins, thermal processes, irradiation, modified atmosphere packaging, high pressure, UV light, Ultrasound.

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Mar 1999

Food Irradiation

Destruction of microbes; issues of concern; current and proposed applications.

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