FRI Personnel

"The founders of the Food Research Institute visualized an independent, academically based organization of high technical competence to whom industry could turn for unbiased information on questions of food safety." —E. M. Foster, FRI Director, 1966–1986

FRI Overview

The Food Research Institute, in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Madison operates its own laboratories and administers its own research and service programs. Our mission is to catalyze multidisciplinary and collaborative research on microbial foodborne pathogens and toxins and to provide training, outreach, and service to enhance the safety of the food supply.

To fulfill this mission FRI engages in the following food safety activities:

  • Conducts fundamental and applied research
  • Provides accurate and useful information and expertise
  • Delivers quality education and training
  • Provides leadership in identifying and resolving food safety issues to meet community, government, and industry needs


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