Food Safety Resources

Additives, process residues, and contaminants

Focus on antibiotics, hormones, residues, and chemical contaminants added or naturally found in foods

Apr 2015

Sporolactobacillus in Food: Literature Discussing Prevalence and Control

This brief literature summary discusses the prevalence and control of Sporolactobacillus in food.

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Jan 2014

What Is Food Allergy?

This brief review discusses some food allergen issues of interest to food producers and processors.

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Mar 2006

Veterinary Drug Residues in Processed Meats-Potential Health Risk

Penicillin, tetracyclines, sulfonamides, neomycin, gentamicin, flunixin, streptomycin, arsenicals; withdrawal periods.

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Apr 2001

Alternatives to Antibiotic Use for Growth Promotion in Animal Husbandry

Antibiotic resistance; Probiotics and competitive exclusion; Enzymes; Immune modulators; Organic acids; Other feed supplements; Alternative husbandry practices.

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Jul 2000

Human Safety of Hormone Implants Used to Promote Growth in Cattle

Safety of growth hormone implants in livestock.

import_contacts Food Safety Brief

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