Additives, process residues, and contaminants

Focus on antibiotics, hormones, residues, and chemical contaminants added or naturally found in foods

Apr 2015

Sporolactobacillus in Food: Literature Discussing Prevalence and Control

This brief literature summary discusses the prevalence and control of Sporolactobacillus in food.

Food Safety Brief
Jan 2014

What Is Food Allergy?

This brief review discusses some food allergen issues of interest to food producers and processors.

Food Safety Brief
Mar 2006

Veterinary Drug Residues in Processed Meats-Potential Health Risk

Penicillin, tetracyclines, sulfonamides, neomycin, gentamicin, flunixin, streptomycin, arsenicals; withdrawal periods.

Food Safety Brief
Apr 2001

Alternatives to Antibiotic Use for Growth Promotion in Animal Husbandry

Antibiotic resistance; Probiotics and competitive exclusion; Enzymes; Immune modulators; Organic acids; Other feed supplements; Alternative husbandry practices.

Food Safety Brief
Jul 2000

Human Safety of Hormone Implants Used to Promote Growth in Cattle

Safety of growth hormone implants in livestock.

Food Safety Brief
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