Symposium: Rapid Methods for Food Safety Microbiology Co-organized by FRI and IFSH

Sep 18, 2014


Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge, Burr Ridge, IL


Advances in molecular and analytical technologies have led to the development of new rapid detection methods that provide improved accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility and faster time-to-result than traditional methods. Whether used for foodborne disease tracking, surveillance, or regulatory action, methods to detect and identify foodborne pathogens are essential to ensuring public health. Equally critical to the discussion is an understanding of the relationships among microorganisms and the food processing environment. These interactions influence foodborne pathogen colonization, survival, biofilm formation and detection. This symposium will address the critical role and state of rapid detection methods in key food industry segments. Given that methods and approaches vary widely across and within industry segments - what are the challenges to ensuring a timely and reliable food safety assessment? How can current and emerging methods best be applied? Critical questions like these will be explored in this thought-provoking symposium. Early registration will be available online at after July 21, 2014.

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Chuck Czuprynski, FRI Director


Campbell Soup CompanyConAgra FoodsFonterraGeneral MillsGreat Lakes CheeseHormel Foods (Jennie-O Turkey Store)Kerry Ingredients and FlavoursKraft Foods (Oscar Mayer Foods)Leprino FoodsPepsiCoSchreiber FoodsWayne Farms