FRI Sponsorship

Sponsor Overview

Sponsors are vital to the ongoing success of the Food Research Institute. Unrestricted gifts from food companies, suppliers, and trade associations provide support that allows FRI to respond quickly to developing food safety issues. Sponsors help support FRI infrastructure and provide funding for faculty to maintain their research programs.

FRI serves as a portal to vast food safety resources at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The Institute provides access to collaborative research at the Applied Food Safety Laboratory as well as a location for students, academics, and industry to learn and work on problems involving foodborne pathogens. FRI also conducts a variety of seminars, conferences, and workshops and provides a number of food safety reviews.

FRI's Research Focuses

FRI's research focuses on strategies for the prevention of foodborne disease and virulence mechanisms in pathogens. Research on foodborne toxins include mycotoxin synthesis and control, assays for botulinum toxin, and process-generated toxicants. Fundamental and applied studies on foodborne microbial pathogens include:

  • Processing, formulation, and storage methods for cheese and RTE meat
  • Validation of pepperoni process to control STEC
  • Biofilm formation and control strategies
  • Pre-harvest and post-harvest food safety interventions
  • Pathogenesis of listeriosis and salmonellosis
  • Non-toxigenic C. botulinum for challenge studies
  • Interactions between Salmonella and crop plants
  • Survival of Salmonella in dry environments
  • Enhancing the safety of reduced-sodium foods

Become a Sponsor

Industrial companies that support FRI provide an annual contribution based upon the annual volume of their food sales. The current rate is $34.00 per million dollars in sales up to a billion dollars of food sales, or a maximum of $34,000. The minimum annual gift is $2,500.

Companies and associations wishing to become an FRI sponsor should contact FRI Director Chuck Czuprynski, FRI Associate Director Kathy Glass, or Outreach Program Manager Adam Borger for additional details.

If you wish to donate electronically, you may do so via the UW Foundation's secure web server.

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