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Sponsorship Introduction

FRI is an interdepartmental entity at the University of Wisconsin–Madison focused on the cause and control of food-related disease. Occasionally commercial products and processes are an outcome of the research, such as the development of the Wisconsin Process for low-nitrite cured meats and the preparation of purified botulinum toxin for medical use.

FRI’s funding is derived from four sources:

  1. The University, which provides our building and laboratories; pays faculty and administrative staff salaries; and contributes to certain projects.
  2. Competitively awarded government grants and contracts.
  3. Industry funds for work on specific nonproprietary projects.
  4. Unrestricted gifts from companies, suppliers and trade associations.

Category 4 is extremely important because it provides the resources to quickly respond to developing problems without having to wait for formal project support. For example, FRI projects on Listeria and E. coli O157:H7 were underway and some basic questions answered almost a year before agency support became available. The unrestricted gifts support the FRI infrastructure and provide funding for faculty to maintain their research programs relevant to FRI sponsor needs.

How to become a sponsor: There is no membership application. Companies and associations wishing to become an FRI sponsor should contact FRI Director Chuck Czuprynski or FRI Associate Director Kathy Glass for additional details.

Industrial companies that support FRI provide an annual contribution based upon the annual volume of their food sales. The 2014 rate is $34.00 per million dollars in sales up to a billion dollars of food sales, or a maximum of $34,000. The minimum annual gift is $2,500.

A cover letter should accompany the remittance which states that the funds are an "unrestricted gift to the University of Wisconsin Foundation in support of the Food Research Institute." Your check should be drawn to the "University of Wisconsin Foundation" and mailed to the Food Research Institute, attn: Barbara Cochrane, 1550 Linden Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.

If you wish to donate electronically, you may do so via the UW Foundation's secure web server. For your convenience, the link will direct the gift to Food Research Institute (1290115) under the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.