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Water safety and quality

Waterborne disease agents; surveillance and outbreaks

The FRI Food Safety Reviews are summaries of current scientific literature, focusing on special topics of current interest. These reviews replace the extensive annual food safety literature survey formerly published by FRI, and now number more than 30 since inception of the Briefings in 1996.

The most recent review, "White Paper: Public Health Impact of Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens," was released in July 2014 and is currently available only to FRI sponsors. Please contact Kathy Glass for access codes.

Aug 2011 Toxins from Cyanobacteria

"Human exposure to cyanobacterial toxins primarily occurs through ingestion of contaminated water or shellfish, with some additional exposure through dietary supplements, other foods, and aerosols from lakes with cyanobacterial blooms. This review addresses recent information on microcystins, β-methylamino-L-alanine, paralytic shellfish toxins, and anatoxin-a.
Appendix: Earlier review on the alga Pfiesteria (1998)." PDF document Read the full text

Nov 2010 Water Safety and Quality

"Waterborne disease agents; surveillance and outbreaks." PDF document Read the full text

Oct 2003 Foodborne Parasites

"Protozoa, Tapeworms, Anisakis, Trichinella, lung and liver flukes, Ascaris.
Appendix: Earlier review on Cryptosporidium and Cyclospora: Protozoan parasites, waterborne outbreaks, contamination of fresh produce (1996)." PDF document Read the full text

Nov 1998 Non-Cholera Vibrios

"Vibrio vulnificus, V. parahaemolyticus; shellfish; wound infections." PDF document Read the full text