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Additives, process residues, and contaminants

Focus on antibiotics, hormones, residues, and chemical contaminants added or naturally found in foods

The FRI Food Safety Reviews are summaries of current scientific literature, focusing on special topics of current interest. These reviews replace the extensive annual food safety literature survey formerly published by FRI, and now number more than 30 since inception of the Briefings in 1996.

The most recent brief [January 2014: What Is Food Allergy?] is currently available to Sponsors Only. Contact FRI Associate Director Kathleen Glass to request access codes.

Mar 2006 Veterinary Drug Residues in Processed Meats-Potential Health Risk

"Penicillin, tetracyclines, sulfonamides, neomycin, gentamicin, flunixin, streptomycin, arsenicals; withdrawal periods." PDF document Read the full text

Apr 2001 Alternatives to Antibiotic Use for Growth Promotion in Animal Husbandry

"Antibiotic resistance; Probiotics and competitive exclusion; Enzymes; Immune modulators; Organic acids; Other feed supplements; Alternative husbandry practices." PDF document Read the full text

Jul 2000 Human Safety of Hormone Implants Used to Promote Growth in Cattle

"Safety of growth hormone implants in livestock." PDF document Read the full text