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Pictures of NPK Nancy P. Keller

Core Executive Committee, Food Research Institute
Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology & Toxicology; Department of Bacteriology, UW-Madison
Faculty: Food Pathogens and Toxins Cluster

3476 Microbial Sciences Building
1550 Linden Drive
(608) 262-9795

Research Interests
Antifungals; Fungal molecular biology; Mycotoxins; Fungal genomics
Department Webpage
  • BS 1977, Penn State University
  • MS 1985, Cornell University
  • PhD 1990, Cornell University
  • Postdoc 1989–1991, USDA, New Orleans, Lousiana
Current Research Projects
  • Mycotoxin reduction.
  • Virulence factors aspergillosis.
  • Virulence factors Aspergillus and Fusarium plant pathogens.
  • Anti-microbial discovery: search for novel fungal metabolites with activity towards food contaminating microbes.
Program Affiliations
Outreach / Selected Recent Presentations
  • “Advances in Aspergillus Secondary Metabolite Research: The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful.” Food Research Institute Annual Meeting, May 22, 2012, Madison, WI. 
  • “Ecology of Fungi and Mycotoxins (Pathogens -- Aspergillus Interaction.” Food Research Institute Annual Meeting, May 17, 2011, Madison, WI. 
  • “Antimicrobial Metabolites from Fungi.” Food Research Institute Annual Meeting, May 18, 2010, Madison, WI. 
  • “RNAi Technology to Control Mycotoxin Production.” Food Research Institute Annual Meeting, April 30, 2009, Madison, WI. 


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