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PDF documentIndex 1998-2011 Newsletter

Index to Research Reports published in FRI Newsletter 1998-2011, Vol. 10-23

PDF document2011 Annual, Vol. 23 Newsletter

Meetings summaries: FRI 2011 Annual Meeting; Food Import Safety Meetings (WAGE). Awards: Dr. Martin Wiedmann, Wm. C. Frazier Memorial Award; Student research awards. FRI Briefings excerpts: Sodium replacements; MRSA: implications for our food supply; Cyanobacteria toxins. In Memoriam: Dean O. Cliver. New sponsors: Fonterra, Fromm Family Foods, Great Lakes Cheese, Kraft / Oscar Mayer, Land O'Lakes, Leprino Foods. Outreach: Summer Undergraduate Research Program. FRI Research Reports: The effects of vinegar and oil on bacterial contamination of leafy greens (Charles Czuprynski); Colonization of tomato plants by Salmonella enterica is cultivar dependent, and Type I trichomes are preferred colonization sites (Jeri Barak, Lara C. Kramer, and Ling-yun Hao); Desiccation tolerance in Salmonella (Charles Kaspar); Survival of Salmonella in dry environments (Amy Wong); The effects of nitrite on resistance to listeriosis (Charles Czuprynski); A high-throughput open-array qPCR gene panel to identify, virulotype, and subtype O157 and non-O157 Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (Charles W. Kaspar and Dörte Döpfer); Antibotulinal activity of sodium salt replacers in laboratory media (Kathy Glass); Construction of a nontoxigenic Clostridium botulinum strain for food challenge studies (Eric Johnson); Volatile crosstalk mediates Aspergillus sporulation and Ralstonia motility and pigmentation in co-culture (Nancy Keller); Preventing mold growth and mycotoxin contamination in foods and feeds (Jae-Hyuk Yu); Development of a stable, non-persisting vaccine to reduce contamination of Toxoplasma gondii in meat (Laura Knoll).

PDF documentFall-Winter 2010 22(3-4) Newsletter

Meeting summary: FRI Focus on Food Safety Symposium: Water Safety and Quality. Profile: Jeff Sindelar. FRI Briefings excerpts: Virus Inactivation in Meat and Poultry Products; Water Safety and Quality. New FRI sponsors 2010.

PDF documentSpring-Summer 2010 22(1-2) Newsletter

Meeting summary: FRI 2010 Annual Meeting. Awards: Dr. Robert Deibel, Wm. C. Frazier Memorial Award; Student research awards; Robert Bush, UW-Madison honorary degree. Profiles: Jeri Barak, Brandon Wanless.

PDF documentWinter 2009 21(4) Newsletter

Reception to honor Dr. E.M. Foster; FRI meeting summary: Risk-Based Food Safety Regulations; New sponsor: Salm Partners; Visitors: FDA Commissioner Hamburg and Senator Kohl; Food safety regulators/scientists from China, Taiwan, and Kosovo.

PDF documentSummer-Fall 2009 21(2-3) Newsletter

Meeting summaries: FRI Annual Meeting and Food Import Safety Meeting; Awards: Dr. Robert Brackett, Wm. C. Frazier Memorial Award, Student research awards; New sponsors: Alkar-Rapid Pak, Inc., Kemin Industries, Inc., Maple Leaf Farms, Inc.

PDF documentSpring 2009 21(1) Newsletter

Research reports: Biofilms formed by B. cereus and Listeria (Wong); Cell culture assay for botulinum toxins and Non-toxigenic mutants of C. botulinum (Johnson); Cheese safety and storage temperature (Glass); Chitosan to clear E. coli O157:H7 from cattle (Kaspar); Cultivation of noroviruses (Kurth); Flavonoids and listeriosis, and Growth on turkey and Listeria virulence (Czuprynski); Fungal control of mycotoxin synthesis and sporulation (Yu); Maillard-reaction products impacting diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Somoza); RNAi-mediated control of aflatoxin production (Keller).

PDF documentWinter 2008 20(4) Newsletter

Meeting summaries: FRI meeting on Sodium Reduction, and Food Safety and Quality and Human Health, FRI-Covance meeting on Food and Dietary Supplements; Visitors: Schreiber Foods, Visiting scientist Eelco Heintz from Purac; Dedication: Miller-Coors Brewing Equipment for Fermentation Lab; FRESH seminar series.

PDF documentFall 2008 20(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Nutritional Epidemiology (Milkowski); Profiles: Andy Milkowski (Animal Sciences), Kwang-Soo Shin (Yu lab), Revis Chmielewski (Glass lab); Visitors: Food safety regulators/scientists from Japan and Russia.

PDF documentSpring-Summer 2008 20(1-2) Newsletter

Changes at FRI: Chuck Czuprynski assumes FRI Directorship from Mike Pariza, new associate FRI director is Kathy Glass, Move to new Microbial Sciences Building; FRI vision for the future; Award: Eric Johnson, Outstanding Educator by Society for Industrial Microbiology; Meeting summary: Disposal of food products contaminated by bioterrorist agents.

PDF documentWinter 2007 19(4) Newsletter

FRI in transition; Retirements: Ron Weiss, Jean Johnson; Index to research reports.

PDF documentFall 2007 19(3) Newsletter

In memoriam, Edwin Traisman; Meeting summaries: FRI meeting on Microbial Food Spoilage, FRI-Covance meeting on Food and Dietary Supplements; Research reports: Neuronal receptors for botulinum toxins (Johnson), RNA interference and mycotoxin synthesis (Keller).

PDF documentSummer 2007 19(2) Newsletter

Award: Michael Pariza, Bernard L. Oser Food Ingredient Safety Award; Retirement: Robert K. Bush; Meeting summaries: Disposal of Foods Contaminated by Terrorist Threat Agents and Food Defense Education; Research reports: Genetic regulation of mycotoxin synthesis (Keller), Listeriosis (Czuprynski), Oral desensitization for food allergy (Bush).

PDF documentSpring 2007 19(1) Newsletter

Profile: Don Burr; Research reports: Acid stress protection in E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar), Biosurfactant production by B. cereus (Wong), Formulation and high pressure to control L. monocytogenes on ham (Glass), Genetic linkage of sporulation and mycotoxin synthesis (Keller), Soybean challenge study (Bush).

PDF documentWinter 2006 18(4) Newsletter

Appointment: Amy Wong, new Chair of Food Microbiology and Toxicology Department; Meeting summaries: FRI meeting on Safety of Natural and Organic Foods, FRI-Covance meeting on Analytical Challenges for Supplements; Award: Rhona Applebaum, Wm. C. Frazier Memorial Award; Research report: Fungal toxins and food safety (Yu).

PDF documentFall 2006 18(3) Newsletter

In memoriam, Elmer Marth; Award: New Food Safety Program in Charles Czuprynski's lab funded by Walter and Martha Renk; Profile: Robyn Perrin (Keller lab); Perspective: Nanotechnology; Research reports: Biofilms by B. cereus (Wong), Botulinum neurotoxin detection (Johnson).

PDF documentSummer 2006 18(2) Newsletter

Meeting summary: Nanotechnology and food science; Research reports: Nanobiosensor for detection of mycotoxins (Yu), Cooling and pathogen survival in yogurt (Glass), E. coli O157:H7 in cattle gall bladder (Kaspar).

PDF documentSpring 2006 18(1) Newsletter

Profile: Marion Brodhagen (Keller lab); Research reports: Automated MPN method for bacteria in food (Kaspar), Botulism research (Johnson), Genetic regulation of fungal secondary metabolism (Keller), Toxins produced by B. cereus (Wong).

PDF documentWinter 2005 17(4) Newsletter

In memoriam, Hiroshi Sugiyama; Award: Nancy Keller, elected a fellow in American Association for Advancement of Science; Meeting summary: Food antimicrobials, cleaning and sanitation; Research reports: Control of fungi and mycotoxins (Yu), Controlling L. monocytogenes on RTE meat with antimycotic agents (Glass).

PDF documentFall 2005 17(3) Newsletter

Special report: FRI acrylamide research; Meeting summary: Analysis of food and dietary supplements; Profiles: Kristine Zierke (Johnson lab) and Na Gao (Yu lab); Research reports: Botulinum neurotoxin structures (Johnson), Mycotoxin signaling molecules (Keller).

PDF documentSummer 2005 17(2) Newsletter

In memoriam, Ed Schantz; Profiles: Guangyun Lin (Johnson lab), Colin Clancy (Johnson lab), Carlos Echavarri-Erasun (Johnson lab); Meeting report: Safe Process Cheese formulations; Research reports: Botulinum toxin production (Johnson), Plasma technology for decontamination (Wong), Safe process cheese products (Glass and Johnson).

PDF documentSpring 2005 17(1) Newsletter

Profiles: Sabine Pellett (Johnson lab), Rob Rassel (Johnson lab), Jae-Hyung Mah (Yu lab); Research reports: Alicyclobacillus and juice spoilage (Kaspar), Peanut allergy (Bush).

PDF documentWinter 2004 16(4) Newsletter

Profiles: Kai (Billy) Hung (Kaspar lab), Stacey Schultz-Cherry (Medical Microbiology); Research reports: Biofilm formation in septic systems (Wong), Control of L. monocytogenes in RTE meats (Glass and Johnson), Control of mold growth (Yu), Infant botulism (Johnson).

PDF documentFall 2004 16(3) Newsletter

Appointment: Kathy Glass assumes presidency of International Association for Food Protection; Meeting summaries: FRI meeting on U.S. Food Law and Regulations and FRI-Covance meeting on Analytical Challenges for food and dietary supplements; Research reports: FRI Applied Food Microbiology and Safety Lab (Glass and Pariza), Gene regulation in E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar), Listeriosis (Czuprynski), Regulation of aflatoxin synthesis (Keller).

PDF documentSummer 2004 16(2) Newsletter

Profiles: Min Ni (Yu lab); Meeting summary: FRI 2004 Annual Meeting; Research reports: C. botulinum research (Johnson), Control of L. monocytogenes by antimicrobials (Glass and Johnson), Peanut allergy (Bush), Toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins (Yu), Virulence of B. cereus (Wong).

PDF documentSpring 2004 16(1) Newsletter

Award: Elmer Marth, National Cheese Institute Laureate award; Profiles: Christina Pier (Johnson lab) and Ellin Doyle; Research reports: Astaxanthin biosynthesis by the yeast, Phaffia (Johnson), Tree nut allergies (Bush).

PDF documentWinter 2003 15(4) Newsletter

Profiles: Jeff Veesenmeyer (Johnson lab) and Mark Jacobson (Johnson lab); Research reports: Botulism Core Facility (Johnson), Pathogenic parasites in food (Knoll), Plasma treatment of surfaces to reduce bacterial attachment (Wong).

PDF documentFall 2003 15(3) Newsletter

Award: Ed Traisman, inducted into WI Meat Industry Hall of Fame; Meeting summary: Symposium on Science, Research, and Regulation; Research reports: Acid loving bacteria (Kaspar), Genetically modified soybeans and food allergy (Bush), Global regulator of secondary metabolism in Aspergillus (Keller), PNS-FISH and flow cytometry to detect L. monocytogenes in RTE meat (Johnson), Sporulation and mycotoxin production (Yu), Variant strains of E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar).

PDF documentSummer 2003 15(2) Newsletter

Meeting summary: FRI Annual Meeting; Award: Mike Foster, Wm. C. Frazier Memorial Award; Visitors: Sargento Foods Inc.

PDF documentSpring 2003 15(1) Newsletter

Research reports: Detection of botulinum toxins (Johnson), E. coli O157:H7 from downer and healthy dairy cattle (Kaspar), Swarming motility of B. cereus (Wong); Visitors: Gerber Products Co. and Rhodia Corp.; New sponsors: Cargill, Inc., Covance Inc., Eastman Chemical Co., Gamay Flavors, Jones Dairy Farm, Rexnord Industries, Inc. Awards: Yeonhwa Park, Young Scientist Award from Am. Oil Chemists Society; Kihwa Kang, Graduate Student research award from Society of Toxicology Food Safety Section.

PDF documentWinter 2002 14(4) Newsletter

Profile: Yeonhwa Park (Pariza lab); Perspective: CLA (Mark Cook); Meeting summaries: Acrylamide in Cooked foods and Interagency Botulism Research Coordinating Committee; Research reports: Control of fungi (Yu), Measurement of internal pH in E. coli (Kaspar), Mycotoxin research (Keller), Threshold dose for food allergens (Bush).

PDF documentFall 2002 14(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Importance of listening to alternate or controversial views (Mark Cook); Research reports: Allergenicity of soybean oil (Bush), Botulinum toxin therapy (Johnson), E. coli O157:H7 from downer and healthy dairy cattle (Kaspar); Award: Laura Knoll, Greater Milwaukee Foundation Shaw Scientist Award.

PDF documentSummer 2002 14(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Acrylamide in Food; Profiles: Charles Czuprynski and Laura Knoll; Meeting summary: FRI Fungi and Mycotoxin short course; Research reports: Control of biofilm formation by L. monocytogenes (Wong), Infectious cysts of parasites (Knoll), Pathogenesis of listeriosis (Czuprynski).

PDF documentSpring 2002 14(1) Newsletter

Profiles: Clayton Hiemke (Kaspar Lab) and Scott Bottoms (Johnson Lab); New sponsor: Kerry Seasonings; Research reports: Allergenicity of soybean oil (Bush), Evaluation of botulinal safety of foods (Johnson), Mycotoxin studies (Yu), Waterborne dissemination of E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar).

PDF documentWinter 2001 13(4) Newsletter

Profile: Kihwa Kang (Pariza Lab); Perspective: Dietary fat (Mark Cook); Research reports: CLA and diabetes (Pariza), Peptide nucleic acid probes for detection of Listeria (Johnson).

PDF documentFall 2001 13(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Biotechnology (Mark Cook); Profiles: Yajun Guan (Yu lab) and Kap-Hoon Han (Yu lab); Research reports: Acid tolerance in E. coli (Kaspar), Alternaria and asthma (Bush), Control of fungi (Yu), Low acid foods and botulism (Glass and Johnson), Mutant of E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar).

PDF documentSummer 2001 13(2) Newsletter

Meeting Report: Annual FRI Meeting; Profiles: Nancy Keller and Lindsey McDonnell (Johnson lab); Research reports: Mechanical antibacterial approaches (Cook), Plasma and biofilms (Wong), Regulation of mycotoxin biosynthesis (Keller), Seed lipids affect growth and toxin production by Aspergillus (Keller), Viability estimation of Salmonella (Johnson).

PDF documentSpring 2001 13(1) Newsletter

Profiles: Irfan Erol (Kaspar lab), David Baumler (Kaspar lab); Awards: Charles Duncan, Wm. C. Frazier Memorial Award and Eileen Somers (Wong Lab), Academic Staff award for Excellence in Research; Perspective: Who cares about food safety? (Mark Cook); Research reports: Effects of lactic acid spray on E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar and Luchansky), Naturally occurring bioactive CLA isomers (Pariza), Virulence factors associated with endophthalmitis caused by B. cereus.

PDF documentWinter 2000 12(4) Newsletter

Profiles: John Price (Johnson lab), Wenyon Zhang (Johnson lab), Jeong-Ah So (Yu lab); Research reports: Autism and clostridial toxins (Johnson), Botulinum toxin as a pharmaceutical (Johnson), Allergies and genetically engineered foods (Bush).

PDF documentFall 2000 12(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Antibiotics as growth promoters (Mark Cook); Profile: Jaehyuk Yu; Workshop for members of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Managing Technology from Research to Market; Research reports: Alicyclobacillus (Kaspar), CLA revisited (Pariza), Mycotoxin research plans (Yu).

PDF documentSummer 2000 12(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Modifying food allergy responses (Robert Bush); Awards: E. M. Foster, inducted into WI Meat Industry Hall of Fame, Charles Kaspar, Pound Research Award, Elmer Marth, Food Safety Award from National Food Protection Association, Amy Wong, promoted to full professor. Profile: Sean Dineen (Johnson lab); Research reports: Flow cytometry for detection of Salmonella (Johnson), Monitoring health using stable isotopes (Cook), Survival of Campylobacter jejuni (Kaspar), Virulence factors of B. cereus (Wong).

PDF documentSpring 2000 12(1) Newsletter

Biostar: the future of FRI; Perspective: Food Allergies and sensitivities (Steve Taylor and Susan Hefle); Award: Eric Johnson, elected a fellow in American Academy of Microbiology; Profiles: Byron Brehm-Stecher (Johnson lab), Woojun Park (Wong lab); Research reports: Acid tolerance in E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar), CLA and labeling of trans-fats (Pariza), Control of trypanosomiasis (Mansfield), Safe formulation of low acid foods (Glass and Johnson); Short courses: Meat and Poultry Safety.

PDF documentWinter 1999 11(4) Newsletter

Microbial Sciences to house bacteriology, immunology and toxicology; Meeting summary: Biotechnology and Agriculture; Research reports: Bacteriocin that inactivates C. botulinum (Johnson), Detection of viruses and protozoa (Cliver), Monitoring inhibition of protein phosphatase by microcystin (Chu).

PDF documentFall 1999 11(3) Newsletter

Research reports: Antimicrobials from yerba mate (Johnson), Bacteria that thrive in extreme environments (Kaspar), Detection of food allergens (Bush), Mycotoxin immunoassays (Chu); Perspective: Alternatives to antibiotics (Mark Cook); Visitors: American Meat Institute, Bel/Kaukauna, USA, Fromageries/Bel S.A., Loders Croklaan USA, Pillsbury, Sara Lee Corp., Viskase Corp. and a delegation from Turkmenistan.

PDF documentSummer 1999 11(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Cold plasma modification of stainless steel to reduce biofilms (Wong, Denes, Somers); Profile: John Mansfield (Bacteriology); Research reports: Subtyping of streptococci by PFGE (Luchansky), Therapy with botulinum toxin (Johnson), Waterborne transmission of E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar); Award: Eric Johnson, Educator award from International Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Sanitarians.

PDF documentSpring 1999 11(1) Newsletter

Profile: Agnes Denes (Wong lab); Research reports: Biocontrol of B. cereus in infant formula (Wong and Luchansky), Cure or prevention of food allergies (Bush), Survival of bacterial pathogens in apple cider and simulated gastric fluid (Kaspar), Survival of E.coli on meat during refrigerated storage (Luchansky), Transgenic animals (UW-Madison Press Service); Perspective: Faculty positions in food safety.

PDF documentWinter 1998 10(4) Newsletter

In memoriam: Merlin Bergdoll; Perspectives: Institute for Pest and Pathogen Management and National Food Safety Database; Profiles: Marite Bradshaw (Johnson lab), James Buck (Johnson lab); Visitors: Conagra Inc.; Research reports: Antimicrobials to control foodborne pathogens (Johnson), Enhancement of crop resistance to fungi (Kaeppler, Agronomy), Genetic regulation of aflatoxin synthesis (Chu), Genetic regulation of botulinum toxin production (Johnson), Neuron targeting sequences of botulinum toxin (Johnson), Survival of E. coli O157:H7 in refrigerated and frozen beef (Kaspar),

PDF documentFall 1998 10(3) Newsletter

Visitors: Scientists from France, Germany, and Italy; Awards: Food Research Institute, Food Safety Award from National Food Processors Association, Elmer Marth, Fellow Award from the American Dairy Science Association; Perspective: Functional Foods- Soluble Fiber and Probiotics/Prebiotics (Marlett and Luchansky); Research reports: CLA producing lactobacilli (Pariza), Heated glucose product toxic to E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar), Toxin production by C. botulinum in milk treated with carbon dioxide (Johnson and Glass), Toxin production by C. botulinum in packaged cut melons (Johnson).

PDF documentSummer 1998 10(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Functional Foods - Onions (Goldman, Horticulture); Research reports: Coccoid form of Campylobacter jejuni (Kaspar), Egg yolk antibodies (Cook), Genetically enhanced starter culture to control L. monocytogenes in cheese (Luchansky), Inactivation of pathogens on hands and gloves (Wong).

PDF documentSpring 1998 10(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Recent data on foodborne infections in the US; Profile: Hanne Christensen (Chu lab); Research reports: CLA and human nutrition (Pariza), Cleaning and sanitation of meat grinders to remove attached E. coli O157:H7 (Wong), DON (vomitoxin) levels in WI wheat in 1996 (Chu), ELISA for cyclopiazonic acid (Chu), Viability of E. coli O157:H7 in beef jerky (Luchansky), Virulence factors in B. cereus endophthalamitis (Wong)

PDF documentWinter 1997 9(4) Newsletter

Perspective: Summary of meeting on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy; In memoriam: John Nelson; Profile: Jeffrey Byrd (Kaspar lab); Research reports: Conditions affecting acid tolerance of E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar), Control of C. difficile by probiotics (Johnson), Hazards of hidden food allergens (Bush), Inhibition of C. botulinum in process cheese by phosphates (Glass and Johnson)

PDF documentFall 1997 9(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Letters: E. coli O157:H7 and nitrite in cured meats; Visitors: Procter & Gamble; Award: Mike Pariza, nominated a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists; Research reports: CLA conference notes, CLA as a newly recognized nutrient (Pariza), CLA and body composition of mice (Cook and Pariza), E. coli O157:H7 dissemination in WI dairy herds (Kaspar), Factors affecting survival of pathogens in process cheese (Kaspar, Luchansky, Wong), Viability of E. coli O157:H7 in salami (Kaspar and Luchansky).

PDF documentSummer 1997 9(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Historical overview of key food safety issues; (Foster); Research reports: Aflatoxin and cyclopiazonic acid in peanuts (Chu), Aflatoxin synthesis (Chu), Mechanism of action of hemolysin BL (Wong), Microcystins in edible algae (Chu), Peanut allergy research (Bush), Spoilage of ground beef (Luchansky); Award: Amy Wong, Pound Research Award; Visitors: Kraft Foods, Tropicana, Inc., and scientists from Japan and Thailand; Short course: Producing safe dairy foods.

PDF documentSpring 1997 9(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Preventing cancer with selenium Ganther, Nutritional Sciences); Research reports: Absence of stress-protection systems in C. jejuni (Kaspar), Assay for fumonisin B1 (Chu), Control of E.coli O157:H7 in fermented meats (Luchansky), Hop acids to control foodborne pathogens (Johnson), New uses for botulinum toxin (Johnson), Nisin to control L. monocytogenes in queso blanco (Luchansky), Survival of E. coli O157:H7 in refrigerated and frozen beef (Kaspar); Profiles: Shantini Gamage (Luchansky lab), Kathie Sindt (Wong lab); Visitors: Pillsbury Co.

PDF documentWinter 1996 8(4) Newsletter

Perspective: Pesticides: Missing the point (Pariza); Research reports: Botulism hazard from vegetables in modified atmosphere packaging (Johnson), Carotenogenesis in the yeast Phaffia (Johnson), CLA, an anticarcinogenic fatty acid (Pariza), Control of E. coli O157:H7 in pepperoni (Luchansky), Control of L. monocytogenes in foods by monoglycerides (Johnson), Cost of the immune response (Cook), Enzymes involved in aflatoxin synthesis (Chu), Farm origins of E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar and Luchansky), Structure-function relationship of botulinum toxin (DasGupta);

PDF documentFall 1996 8(3) Newsletter

Perspective: E. M. Foster Distinguished Service Award; Research reports: Acid tolerance of E.coli O157:H7 (Kaspar), Antibodies against aflatoxins (Chu), Brazil nut allergen in transgenic soybeans (Bush), Conditions affecting biofilm formation by E. coli O157:H7 (Wong), E. coli O157:H7 on the farm (Kaspar), Enterotoxic activity of hemolysin BL (Wong), Staphylococcal enterotoxin H (Wong), Trichothecene mycotoxins in moldy corn (Chu); Award: Eric Johnson promoted to full professor.

PDF documentSummer 1996 8(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Toxicity transfer: C. botulinum and E. coli O157:H7 (Johnson and Kaspar); Research report: Immunochemical assays for paralytic shellfish poisoning (Chu); Visitor: Nestle UK; Profiles: Edward Schantz, Bridget Farrell (Wong lab); Award: Edward Schantz, Person of the Year by the National Spasmodic Torticollis Association.

PDF documentSpring 1996 8(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Cancer - what do we really know?; Research reports: Peanut allergy research update (Bush), Safety of unpasteurized fruit juices (Kaspar), Staphylococcal enterotoxins (Wong); Profiles: Sophie Gouveia (Kaspar lab), Christophe Fermanian (Wong lab)

PDF documentWinter 1995 7(4) Newsletter

Perspective: How to survive the perils of eating; Research report: CLA and the immune response system (Cook); Profiles: Ron Weiss (Program Manager), Anne Cheville (Kaspar lab); Visitors: Campbell Soup Co., Corn Refining Industry, and scientists from Japan and Poland.

PDF documentFall 1995 7(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Delaney Clause (Pariza) Research reports: ELISA for botulinum toxins (Johnson); Award: John Luchansky promoted to Associate Professor; Profiles: Kevin Laurin (Johnson lab), Nurliza Buyong (Luchansky lab); Visitors: Diversitech, Hormel, Kraft General Foods, Inc., Johnsonville Foods, National Livestock and Meat Board, Oscar Mayer, Silliker Laboratories, Tropicana Products, Inc., and scientists from China, France, Italy, Taiwan.

PDF documentSummer 1995 7(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Invasive Group A streptococci (M.E.Doyle); Research reports: Fumonisins (Chu), PFGE to investigate listeriosis and chocolate milk (Luchansky); Visitor: Sainsbury's, UK; Profiles: Robert K. Bush (UW Medical School), Susan Ansay (Kaspar lab).

PDF documentSpring 1995 7(1) Newsletter

Perspective: FRI Annual Meeting; Research reports: C. jejuni, new developments (Kaspar), Hemolysin BL from B. cereus (Wong): Profiles: Xuan Hong (Chu lab), Julie Schmidt (Johnson lab), Yi-Cheng Su (Wong lab); Visitors: Nestec Research Center, S.C. Johnson & Son Inc., and a scientist from China.

PDF documentWinter 1994 6(4) Newsletter

Perspective: Do Academics travel too much?; Research reports: Effects of CLA on lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis (Pariza), Inhibition of cancer by soy sauce (Pariza); Short course: Advanced food safety for Industrial microbiologists; Award: John Nelson, Laureate Award from the National Cheese Institute; Visitors: Nabisco Brands, Inc., Nickel Development Institute, and scientists from Canada, Czech Republic and Finland.

PDF documentFall 1994 6(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Annual Meeting Highlights (McAnelly); Research reports: Peanut allergy research (Bush), Safety issues with wooden and plastic cutting boards (Cliver); Profiles: Gulshan Anand (Pariza lab), Jean Johnson (Program Coordinator); Visitors: Chr. Hansen Laboratory, DuPont, McDonald's.

PDF documentSummer 1994 6(2) Newsletter

Visitors: Cargill, Inc. and Barbara Becker, University of Bonn virologist; Profiles: Karen Arnold (Kaspar lab), Joseph Meyer (Luchansky lab); Perspective: FRI Speakers Bureau; Research reports: Biopreservatives to control Listeria in cheese (Luchansky), CLA as a growth factor for rats (Cook and Pariza).

PDF documentSpring 1994 6(1) Newsletter

Perspective: E.J. Schantz and the taming of botulinum toxin; Research reports: Botulism risk and modified atmosphere packaging (Johnson), E. coli O157:H7 on WI farms (Kaspar); Profiles: William Schroeder (Johnson lab), Heidi Uljas (Luchansky lab); Visitors: Aplin & Barrett, Ltd. and a scientist from Spain

PDF documentWinter 1993 5(4) Newsletter

Perspective: Irradiated food here at last? (Cliver); Research reports: Hemolysin BL from B. cereus (Wong), Microcystins in WI lakes (Chu): Profile: Jennifer Kujak (Glass lab); Visitors: USDA, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., Michigan State University, Nestec, Ltd., Organization Panamericana and scientists from China and Japan.

PDF documentFall 1993 5(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Cryptosporidium - what happened? (Cliver); Research reports: Acid tolerance in E. coli O157:H7 (Kaspar); Profiles: John McAnelly (Senior Scientist), Douglas Beecher (Wong lab), Anna Lammerding (Doyle lab); Visitors: Maple Leaf Farms and scientists from Argentina, France, Ireland, New Zealand, WHO.

PDF documentSummer 1993 5(2) Newsletter

Research reports: Mycotoxins in WI corn, 1992 (Chu), Mechanism of action of botulinum neurotoxin (DasGupta); Profiles: Carmen Buchrieser (Kaspar lab), Roland Brosch-Buchrieser (Luchansky lab), Tim Harried (Glass lab); Awards: Michael Pariza, WI Distinguished professor; Visitors: Gerber Products Co., Kraft-General Foods, Pfizer, Inc. and scientists from England.

PDF documentSpring 1993 5(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Safety of biotechnology derived foods (Bush); Research reports: Additives to control Listeria in turkey (Luchansky), Safety of cutting boards (Cliver); Profiles: Nese Ak (Cliver lab), Myeong-Ae Yu (Johnson lab); Visitors: Westreco, Inc.

PDF documentWinter 1992 4(4) Newsletter

Perspective: Transfer of botulinum toxin gene to non-toxigenic clostridia (Johnson); Research reports: B. cereus in milk and milk products (Wong), CLA in the diet (Pariza), Fumonisins (Chu); Profiles: Mary Woody (Cliver lab), David Helke (Wong lab); Visitors: Kraft General Foods and scientists from Finland and New Zealand.

PDF documentFall 1992 4(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Significance of bacterial responses to stress (Kaspar); Research reports: Acid tolerance in Salmonella (Johnson), Land disposal of mixed waste (Cliver); Profiles: Charles Kaspar, William Bonorden (Pariza lab); Visitors: McDonald's Corp. and scientists from Denmark; Award: W.C. Frazier Award to Douglas Archer, FDA.

PDF documentSummer 1992 4(2) Newsletter

Perspective: EMF - a cancer risk? (Boutwell, Oncology); Profile: Jody Loeffelholz (Glass lab); Meeting (organized by DasGupta) on: Botulinum, Tetanus Neurotoxins: Neurotransmission and Biomedical Aspects; Retirement: Dorothy Gosting (librarian); Visitors: Abbott Laboratories, Hoffman-LaRoche and a scientist from New Zealand.

PDF documentSpring 1992 4(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Toxicity of dioxin; Research reports: Molecular fingerprinting of Listeria (Luchansky), Monoclonal antibodies against mycotoxins (Chu); Profiles: Yongtai Zhou (Johnson lab), Wei Liu (Pariza lab); Visitors: Scientists from Japan and Spain; Food Safety Seminar given by FRI at Schreiber Foods.

PDF documentWinter 1991 3(4) Newsletter

Perspective: A Window into the University of Wisconsin; Research reports: Anticarcinogens in soy sauce (Pariza), Enterotoxin production by S. aureus in mushrooms (Wong), List of research projects current conducted at FRI; Profiles: Ann Larson (Johnson lab), Nan Faith (Luchansky lab), Eileen Somers (Wong lab); Schantz Research Fund: Emeritus professor Ed Schantz and his wife donated money to FRI to fund graduate and undergraduate research; Visitors: Scientists from Denmark, Finland.

PDF documentFall 1991 3(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Spreading the word on CLA; Research reports: Botulinum toxin for human treatment (Schantz), Disinfection of wastewater with ultraviolet light (Cliver), Fatty acids to control Listeria (Johnson); Profiles: Barbara Cochrane (Technical typist), Michael Goodnough (Johnson lab); FRI on the Road: Visits to Chr. Hansen's Laboratory, Inc., Kraft General Foods, Oscar Mayer; Visitors: Scientists from India and New Zealand.

PDF documentSummer 1991 3(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Dairyland (Cliver); Research reports: Microcystins in blue-green algal blooms (Chu), Lactic acid bacteria to control Listeria in meat (Luchansky); Profiles: Robert Bush (UW Medical School), Alan Degnan (Luchansky lab), Ayumu Nagahara (Pariza lab), Carol Steinhart (Researcher-Librarian); Board of Advisors: William Luth (Universal Foods Corp.); Visitors: Pillsbury Co., Real Veal Inc., Sargento Cheese Co.

PDF documentSpring 1991 3(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Board of Advisors; Research reports: Microcystins in blue-green algal blooms (Chu), Listeria survival in Swiss cheese (Marth); Profiles: Emeritus Professors Merlin Bergdoll and Elmer Marth, Karen Albright (Pariza lab), Ellin Doyle (Researcher-Librarian), Jayne Storkson (Pariza lab); Board of Advisors: Eileen Madden (Nestle Foods Group); Visitors: Gerber Products Co., Nutripharm S.A., and scientists from China.

PDF documentWinter 1990 2(4) Newsletter

Perspective: Professors Emeriti: EM Foster and EJ Schantz; Profiles: Sue Hefle (Chu lab), Mary Evenson (DasGupta lab); Research reports: Challenge studies (Pariza and Glass), Detection of E. coli O157:H7 in food (Doyle), Fat and cancer link (Pariza); Board of Advisors: Hans Zevenbergen (Van den Bergh Foods)

PDF documentFall 1990 2(3) Newsletter

Perspective: The Advanced Food Safety Short Course; Research reports: Immunoassay for peanut allergens (Chu), Structure and mechanism of action of botulinum toxin (DasGupta); Profiles: Sheri Cole (Johnson lab), David Kihm (Johnson lab); Visitors: Unilever-Van den Berge Foods, McDonald's Corp.; Board of Advisors: Paul Roehrig (Oscar Mayer Foods)

PDF documentSummer 1990 2(2) Newsletter

Perspective: Listeria and Food; Profiles: Kathy Glass (Doyle lab), Jean Schoeni (Doyle lab), Bill Tepp (DasGupta lab); Research reports: Biofilms on dairy processing surfaces (Wong), Biopreservatives to control L. monocytogenes in meats (Luchansky), Gene transfer in C. botulinum (Johnson); Award: Alfred Harper, Atwater Memorial Lectureship from USDA; Board of Advisors: Donald Thayer (USDA), Jack Akerboom (Best Foods).

PDF documentSpring 1990 2(1) Newsletter

Research reports: Anticarcinogenic effects of soy sauce (Pariza), Botulinum toxin in pesto and basil-in-oil products (Doyle), Coliphages for identification of E. coli O157:H7 (Cliver), Oculinum, therapeutic botulinum toxin (Schantz); Profiles: John Luchansky, Kenneth Kostenbader (Cliver lab), Marlene Klaila (animal caretaker); Board of Advisors: Arnold Denton (Campbell Soup Co.), Steve Ziller (Procter & Gamble Co.)

PDF documentWinter 1989 1(4) Newsletter

Profiles: Hania Benjamin (Pariza lab), Janet Greger (Nutritional Sciences), Yeong Lae Ha (Pariza lab), Joseph Newman (Psychology), Denise Ney (Nutritional Sciences); Perspective: Genesis of research projects at FRI; Research reports: Carotenoids from yeast (Johnson), Diet and behavior (Harper), Marine biotoxins (Chu), Mineral requirements and metabolism (Greger); Award: Elmer Marth, Laboratorian of the Year by the WI Laboratory Association

PDF documentFall 1989 1(3) Newsletter

Perspective: Lessons of the Alar scare; Meeting report: Mutagens and carcinogens in the diet. Award: Elmer Marth, Babcock-Hart Award from Institute of Food Technologists; Profiles: Marlene Klaila (Chief animal caretaker), Ru-Dong Wei (Chu lab), Dorothy Gosting (FRI librarian), Judith Marlett (Nutritional Sciences), Dian Gans (Harper lab). Research reports: Diet and antisocial behavior (Newman), Dietary fiber (Marlett), Dietary fat (Ney), Mycotoxin assays (Wei), Diet and behavior (Gans)

PDF documentSummer 1989 1(2) Newsletter

Profiles: Bibhuti DasGupta, Michael Doyle, Eric Johnson, Elmer Marth, John Nelson, Edward Schantz; Research Reports: Diet and cancer (Pariza), Foodborne viruses (Cliver), Genetic control of aflatoxin synthesis (Leonard), Listeria and cheese (Marth), Structure-function relations of botulinum neurotoxins (DasGupta), Virulence of Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus (Wong). New sponsors: Diversitech, Escagenetics, Olympia Cheese Co., OSI Industries, Inc.

PDF documentSpring 1989 1(1) Newsletter

Perspective: Introduction to new FRI newsletter; Profiles: Michael Pariza, Edwin Michael Foster, Dean Cliver, Fun Sun Chu, Merlin Bergdoll, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Amy Wong. Research reports: Botulinum research (Sugiyama), Controlling growth of pathogenic bacteria (Johnson), Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins (Bergdoll), Enteric pathogens (Doyle), Mycotoxin research (Chu). Awards: Michael Doyle, WI Distinguished Professorship Award, Merlin Bergdoll, honorary doctorate University of Madrid, B.R. DasGupta, Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award, Dean Cliver, reappointed director of WHO Collaborating Center on Food Virology